Cask Management

REB offers exceptional customer experience and service levels with a mission to become the industry leader in third party maturation warehouse provision in Scotland with a commitment to operating at net zero emissions.

Customers of REB have the choice of racked or palletised warehousing with the option of high capacity single or split-cell storage.

The facility offers a fully serviced operation allowing customers to deliver stock to REB in the confidence inventory is managed to their specific needs over the course of its maturation.

REB’s additional services include:

  • Receipt and dispatch of spirit in cask or bulk tanker
  • Filling and disgorging facility with multiple storage vats
  • Empty storage allowing pre-fill delivery of customer casks
  • Re-racking - enabling customers to choose specific maturation and spirit finishes
  • Re-gauging - REB offers stockholders an agreed programme of re-gauging to ensure optimum cask management as well as a short-notice-regauging service
  • Samples can be drawn at short notice, with the option to sample at the Royal Elizabeth House Executive Suite within Royal Elizabeth House, or onward dispatch via next day registered courier.
  • Certification - REB offer Certificates of Analysis and Certificates of Origin
  • Cask end stencilling - Casks held within REB are logged with bar-coded labels with bespoke stencilling at customers' specific request.


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